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on Deathcare and End-of Life Planning
Are you curious about the end of life options that are available to you and your loved ones? Are you looking for some support, advocacy, or resource navigation? Do you want to collaborate? Grab some coffee or tea - I'd love to chat with you about community deathcare.

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My offerings are always growing and changing as I deepen my learnings in the practice of community deathcare and respond to the specific needs of my community. I firmly believe that there are no 'experts' in death & dying: those of us who are called to community deathcare are not here to create a new industry, but to restore these practices as normative in our communities. We deserve to be compensated fairly for our work, & our communities deserve to receive these services regardless of ability to pay - both can be true. At this stage in my deathcare practice, while I am gaining more experience in alternative deathcare, I am offering my direct services on a sliding scale.

Personalized Death Tending Services

I provide intimate, customized guidance for dying individuals & their caregivers/chosen families. Depending on your timeline & preference, we will work together to create a scope that can include care planning, legacy work, comfort care (death nesting), death cleaning, disposition options, home funeral guidance, and wrapping up affairs. 

End of Life Planning

Planning for your end of life can be done by those of any age, and can be as simple or as comprehensive as you choose. Identifying your wishes about medical & psychosocial care before death, as well as what you will leave behind (funeral, body care, possessions, legacy, etc) is an act of empowerment and love.

Community Deathcare Education

My deepest desire is that my communities reclaim their ability to care for each other through death and dying, and therefore grassroots education is foundational. To spread the movement, I conduct local & virtual trainings on progressive deathcare topics, share educational resources on my blog and Instagram (@fiercely.beloved), and provide resource navigation in the Denver metro area. Please reach out if you are interested in scheduling a training or in need of help navigating the resources that are available to you. 

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