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fiercely beloved

You are not alone. 

Facing the end of your own life or the death of a beloved can be bewildering, heartwrenching, terrifying. It can feel incredibly isolating, especially because many of our communities have forgotten how to support each other in the face of mortality. We don't have many conversations about death, so we often don't have the first idea about what to do when it arrives.

My purpose here at Fiercely Beloved is to remind you that You Are Not Alone. You may be holding fear, confusion, and grief, but you do not have to hold it all on your own. You belong here. You are held here. You can find resources, support, options, advocacy, attention, and a listening ear here. You do not have to navigate this alone. Please reach out, because I am here alongside you, to meet you where you are at. We are relearning - together - how to love each other at the end. 

Fiercely Beloved is a love song in the dark.

In the face of loneliness, a call to belonging.
In the face of repression, a call to truth-telling.
In the face of cruelty, a call to community.

In honor of our ancestors, Fiercely Beloved seeks to revive and reimagine practices of community deathcare. In our current world, caring for each other through death can be an act of resistance - by calling each other Fiercely Beloved, we pledge to advocate and to love. 

My mission is to support people & communities in reclaiming their relationship with death as a pathway to liberation. 

The Deathcare and End of Life services offered here are for those encountering their own dying and those seeking to support them. My purpose is to help you identify your wishes and advocate for you in carrying them out. I am also committed to nurturing a thriving ecosystem of death care and end-of-life resources, in Denver and beyond.
“We fight not only for quality of life. We struggle for quality of death, for lives and deaths of our own making and mourning. We battle for a return to natural loss, such as change of seasons and the seasons of life. Maybe dignity, out of the ashes we’re handed too frequently, is the only justice we can hope for in this life. As the heart continues to break, dignity."

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gratefully residing on lands traditionally stewarded by the Cheyenne, Arapaho, & Ute peoples (Denver, CO)

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